Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Part 1, An Atheist Spirituality, A Chaplain's Interpretation.

     I have had the opportunity to reflect on the roles of various disciplines that make the hospice team. A Hospice team includes Nurses ( registered and LPN), Certified Nurses Assistant, Health Aides, Volunteer Coordinator, Social Worker, Physician, and Chaplain. Specifically,  I want to demonstrate how these disciplines are unique and yet compliment and under gird the overall care of patients and their loved ones. Simply stated the hospice philosophy seeks to provide the widesest scope of care for each patient.
     To achieve this aim it is helpful for the team to experience each patient Holistically; As an Integrated being made up of a physical body, a mind(sometimes sub-divided to include an emotional center or heart center) and a spirit. Every member of the Hospice team is uniquely equipped and trained to address the whole person of each patient. If this is true each member must be able to communicate and guide the whole team through rudimentary points of their individual disciplines as the team interprets a patients needs or concerns.
     My reflections move now to my own discipline. In particular how I might begin to equip members of the larger team to meet spiritual concerns or needs as they may manifest themselves....