Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Reply to "Bowl of Saki"

By loving, forgiving, and serving, it is possible for your whole life to become one single vision of the sublime beauty of God.

Bowl of Saki, October 16, by Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan

     Murshid teaches about loving, forgiving, and serving. As we live each day we navigate through a series of "engagements" some positive, challenging, and expected. Some of these "engagements" are quiet unexpected, frightening, aggravating, and negative. As we navigate these waters-We add on expectations about our interactions with others, our success in life, family, and career. In the midst of this reality we search for meaning, fairness, and hope.
     Witnessing this reality, about human nature, Murshid sought to model and teach the Way of the heart. This was not a "new" way but it was a way of living and relating that is easily forgotten.For Murshid the only way to navigate the known and unknown waters of daily life was to live fully the practices of loving, forgiving, and serving.
     (more on Loving, Forgiving, Serving to follow)

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